Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


  1. Purchasing from the Paperweight Row is easy – please read the instructions under How to Buy. If you have any difficulties whatsoever, please contact us by phone or email. Any purchaser will have been deemed to have accepted these Terms and Condition.
  2. Sales are made by Steven Rowe and any cheques (sterling only, drawn on a UK bank) should be made out in that manner.
  3. This website is owned by Steven Rowe, trading as Paperweight Row. We are fully registered with the Inland revenue as a sole trader. We have been trading since 2010. We are members of the Northern Paperweight Society (UK), the Paperweight Collectors Circle (UK), and the Paperweight Collectors Association (USA). We have 100% positive feedback on ebay.
  4. The owner can be contacted as follows. Steve Rowe, 1 Cedar Park, Vicars Cross, Chester. CH3 5PW. United Kingdom.
  5. Note that no UK Value added tax is added to sale prices, therefore none is reclaimable on exports
  6. Note that The Currency Converter (top right) converts prices from Pounds Sterling to Euros or US $. This is only a guide for your information – it’s likely that the charge to you will be slightly more or slightly less, depending on the rate of exchange and transfer fees at the time you actually complete the transaction.
  7. After payment has been received, your order will be shipped. Note that cheques must be allowed to clear through the normal banking system before goods can be released.
  8. Orders are shipped as uninsured parcels. Note that insurance coverage for damage to glass items is not available. Insurance for loss should be arranged separately if required, but this is expensive. Paperweight Row cannot be held responsible for uninsured postal losses.
  9. The Purchaser is fully responsible for meeting and paying any import duties or charges which may apply in their jurisdiction.
  10. Items on the website can be Reserved for a maximum of 10 days. By reserving a particular paperweight you are not committing yourself to a binding contract.
  11. Every care has been made with descriptions on this website and all statements of condition, attribution, etc. are correct to the best of our knowledge, but are for guidance only and could be liable to error. Sizes are approximate.
  12. Please remember that Paperweights are individually hand-made items utilising the makers skill and artistry. However, makers can only strive for perfection, and differences & variations between even the same named weights will be inherent.
  13. It may not always be clear who/what firm has made a particular weight, but in the detailed resume of the paperweight this, and any guidance, will be clearly stated.
  14. For all paperweights which have not been received as new direct from the maker, there may be minor imperfections or blemishes on the surface which will only be specifically mentioned in cases where they affect the appearance of the item.
  15. Age-related imperfections, such as bubbles in the glass of antique weights, or scratches on the base or wear ring can be expected. Again will only be mentioned if appearance is affected.
  16. Please examine the website photos of your chosen paperweight(s) as they also form part of the item description. Additional photos can be requested. You may also request the use of a WhatsApp, Zoom, or Skype video session if you wish to see the weight(s) in more detail or to compare it with others. Please contact us if this is the case.
  17. Only if an item has been grossly misrepresented in my description will a return be considered. You must contact us, and if agreed, return the item within 2 weeks to return or exchange it. You pay the cost of the return shipment; the price of the weight will be refunded.


Conditions as above, plus:

  1. A sale of paperweights to Paperweight Row represents a sale from an individual to Steven Rowe, trading as Paperweight Row.
  2. Sellers must have valid ownership and be able to sell without reference to any other party. .
  3. If a collection is purchased, a total amount will be paid for the collection, separate amounts not being ascribed to particular weights.
  4. Any sale amount agreed in principle will not be binding until all weights have been examined by the purchaser, Paperweight Row.
  5. Paperweights may also be considered for consignment, where ownership resides and remains with the current owner who wishes to sell, and Paperweight Row will market to its client base in return for an agreed commission. All such arrangements are subject to individual negotiation..

Steven Rowe 31st July 2022