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Antique Clichy – 5 roses plus millefiori (mini)

A very attractive mini Clichy paperweight, with 5 comparatively large Clichy roses, these being pink and white.  A ring of pink/red canes surround the central…

Antique St. Louis – Nosegay & Garland, amber flash (mini)

Excellent condition mini Antique St. Louis Nosegay posy, with 3 flowers plus leaves and an outer garland of canes, on glass with an amber base…

Baccarat – Green dbl overlay Mushroom

Excellent Baccarat mushroom double overlay weight. Marked base,1978 number 88. 6 concentric rings pulled down tightly into the mushroom stem, As new. 73cms or 2…

Baccarat – Rooster Gridel weight

REDUCED. 1971 Baccarat  "Gridel" weight, the Rooster, or Cockerel, which is surrounded by 17 smaller versions of the other Gridels, plus concentric millefiori. Excellent condition,…

Charles Kaziun Jnr – 3 Roses & twisted garland.

Charles Kaziun Jnr weight depicting 3 dark pink Roses, encircled by pink and white twisted garland/torsade on an attractive blue ground. K cane plus trademark…

Clichy miniature – spaced canes, one pink/green rose

Clichy miniature. Spaced canes on clear. Central dark cane & circle of 8 typical, complex Clichy canes, inc. one pink/green rose. Excellent condition, 43mm or…

Colin Richardson – Flowers & buds on sea green – petite 1/1

Lovely small Colin Richardson (USA) weight. Colours are particularly vivid (doesn't show so well in the gallery photos). A lot of work in the detailed…

Mike Hunter / Twist Glass – Roses concentric – green

Mike Hunter/ Twist Glass - a fine millefiori paperweight, predominantly in green, including many Clichy-style roses. One-off, excellent condition, measures 67mm or 2 5/8 ins.…

NEW: Manson Glass – Double Butterflies on flowers

William D Manson Jnr has his own style & this weight depicts 2 lampwork butterflies, gold & silver, floating at different levels above flowers, buds…

Paul Ysart – Bunch of Flowers on pink

Simple but exceptionally attractive weight from the master, Paul Ysart. Bunch of fine lampwork flowers and stems, above pleasing jasper pink ground. Top window cut.…

Peter MacDougall – Cane flower & Red flash overlay

Accomplished & attractive limited edition weight. 6 petal flower, made from canes, sits on a double latticinio swirl cushion with a translucent red flash overlay…

Richard Loesel – Flower bouquet on pale green

Lovely Richard Loesel Flower bouquet on pale green. Richards work is extremely well regarded. One-off, and "as new" condition. 80mm or almost 3 1/4ins diameter.…

SOLD Baccarat – large 8-ring concentric.

SOLD. A 1987 Baccarat concentric with 8 rings of millefiori canes. Pastel colours give an attractive display. It has the Baccarat cane, plus stamp &…