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Caithness – Dahlia

Quality Caithness Glass weight from 1995. Elaborately faceted, highlighting the dark pink flower. Small edition of 50, selling at $850 in the US. Excellent condition.…

Caithness – Robin & Kettle

Lovely Caithness Xmas scene paperweight 1983. A Robin sits on an aventurine copper Kettle on a white snowy background. Faceted, excellent condition, no.437 of 1000,…

Deacons Glass – Antique flower on cushion.

The central white & blue flower is modelled on the antique Baccarat style, set on a cushion made of twisted spokes. Plus a garland of…

Drew Ebelhare – Canyon & clouds

REDUCED. One of Drews canyon paperweights, from his Colorado landscape project, painstakingly built up in layers from the river, through rock layers, to the floating…

NEW Caithness Glass – “Precious Jewel: Rose”. Valentine Gift?

Unusually shaped & impressive large Caithness Glass "Precious Jewel: Rose", part of Floral Garden series, 2004, initially sold at $475. Red crimp rose, topped with…

NEW: Deacons Glass – Large Blue double overlay butterfly cushion

John Deacons paperweight mastery. A colourful lampwork butterfly sits on a lace cushion, garlanded by canes inc 6 clichy-style roses. This large double overlay weight,…

NEW: Manson Glass – Starfish on Sea Bed

A new medium sized weight from William D Manson Jnr who is carrying on the Manson name with his own style. Depicted is a gold…

NEW. Perthshire Paperweight – 1976C Miniature faceted Flower

Pretty little weight, floating flower made up of 6 blue and white petals, above millefiori garland. Faceted. 58mm or 2 1/4ins diam. Excellent condition Ref;…

Perthshire – “Primroses” 1985B

Pretty, delicate, Perthshire  Annual Edition weight, 1985 B, "Faceted Primroses". 3 pink and white flowers & 3 canes with garland of pink canes, on clear.…

Perthshire – 1999 PP47 Ltd Edn.

RESERVED. An interesting pretty little 1999 only version of Perthshire Paperweights PP47.  Shows a central  flower with five picture canes of: Butterfly, Hare, Scottie Dog,…

Perthshire – PP221. year 2000 only.

Pretty little weight from Perthshire Paperweights, Crieff, Scotland; a PP221, limited edition, made in 2000 from mid-year, therefore scarce. A lampwork bouquet of amethyst and…

Perthshire Paperweight – 1976B, Mini Overlay Butterfly

Small paperweight but great techniques & expertise. Lampwork butterfly of millefiori wings floats in a double overlay (red) weight, & unusual swirling side cuts. Box.…

Peter MacDougall – Millefiori flower & canes

Attractive Mauve millefiori-leaved flower with red and blue garland of complex canes on lace ground. 76mm or 3 ins diam. Excellent condition.Ref 03239…

Peter McDougall – Fuchsias on pale blue lace

Peter McDougall's twist on Fuchsia paperweights shows a spray of deep pink lampwork Fuchsias made with great expertise, hanging downward, and set on a delicate…

Salazar/Lundberg – Pumpkin Marbrie

Halloween 4 coloured Marbrie weight, topped with a Pumpkin. By Danny Salazar of Lundberg Studios (USA). 2014. Excellent condition.68mm or 2 11/16ths ins diam. Ref:…

SOLD Caithness (Whitefriars) – “Primula” ltd edn.

SOLD Lovely Caithness Glass weight made1990 "Primula". Excellent Condition. White primula flowers, bud, leaves & outer garland. Immensely heightened by a golden amber translucent ground,…

SOLD Twist Glass/Mike Hunter – Springtime flowers

SOLD Mike Hunter torchwork weight, just as skillful as his millefiori. 4 white Spring Flowers on slender stems & blue mottled sky. Excellent condition. Ball…

SOLD William Manson Snr – 10 bats batcave

SOLD.  Bats exiting the Batcave - a speciality of William Manson snr. These rarely come onto the market. Larger than usual as its a TEN…

SOLD: Paul Ysart – Golden Flower on Green

SOLD...Large weight from master paperweight-maker, Paul Ysart, Scotland. A 5 petalled golden yellow flower & regular interspersed leaves sits on green translucent ground. Outer16 half-spokes…

SOLD: Peter MacDougall – Floral Millefiori on lace

SOLD: Peter McDougall  has used his expertise here in the millefiori canes for petals in this particularly detailed and colourful flower, with buds and leaves…