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Whitefriars – Queen Elizabeth 2 – ER jubilee cypher

Whitefriars 1977 Jubilee weight, the Royal Cypher, with the ER letters (Elizabeth Regina) and the crown, plus the jubilee dates. A neat commemorative weight. Would…

Whitefriars – Queen Elizabeth 2 Silver Jubilee

1977 Silver Jubilee weight with small crown centre and concentric rings, celebrating 25 yrs of her accession. Lovely memento of the Queen. Excellent condition, 77mm…

Whitefriars – Rare Small faceted concentric.

Attractive Whitefriars concentric, faceted, but SMALL. Diam 61mm, just under 2 1/2 ins. Much smaller than usual. RARE- far fewer small Whitefriars made, hence price.…

Whitefriars – Xmas 1978 – Mary & Joseph journey to Bethlehem

1978 Whitefriars Glass Xmas weight. With each in the series, the centre is made of thousands of canes,  precisely illustrating great skill & detail. Excellent…