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Antique Clichy – 5 roses plus millefiori (mini)

A very attractive mini Clichy paperweight, with 5 comparatively large Clichy roses, these being pink and white.  A ring of pink/red canes surround the central…

Baccarat – Green dbl overlay Mushroom

Excellent Baccarat mushroom double overlay weight. Marked base,1978 number 88. 6 concentric rings pulled down tightly into the mushroom stem, As new. 73cms or 2…

Baccarat – large 8-ring concentric.

A 1987 Baccarat concentric with 8 rings of millefiori canes. Pastel colours give an attractive display. It has the Baccarat cane, plus stamp & no.27.…

Clichy miniature – spaced canes, one pink/green rose

Clichy miniature. Spaced canes on clear. Central dark cane & circle of 8 typical, complex Clichy canes, inc. one pink/green rose. Excellent condition, 43mm or…

Mike Hunter / Twist Glass – Roses concentric – green

Mike Hunter/ Twist Glass - a fine millefiori paperweight, predominantly in green, including many Clichy-style roses. One-off, excellent condition, measures 67mm or 2 5/8 ins.…

Parabelle – Roses concentric

Neat concentric and sought after 1990 Parabelle (USA) paperweight, consisting of millefiori canes, including central rose and ring of 7 roses. 67mm or 2 5/8…

Perthshire – 1999 PP47 Ltd Edn.

RESERVED. An interesting pretty little 1999 only version of Perthshire Paperweights PP47.  Shows a central  flower with five picture canes of: Butterfly, Hare, Scottie Dog,…

Peter MacDougall – Cane flower & Red flash overlay

Accomplished & attractive limited edition weight. 6 petal flower, made from canes, sits on a double latticinio swirl cushion with a translucent red flash overlay…

Peter MacDougall – Millefiori flower & canes

Attractive Mauve millefiori-leaved flower with red and blue garland of complex canes on lace ground. 76mm or 3 ins diam. Excellent condition.Ref 03239…

SOLD: Peter MacDougall – Floral Millefiori on lace

SOLD: Peter McDougall  has used his expertise here in the millefiori canes for petals in this particularly detailed and colourful flower, with buds and leaves…