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Bob Banford – Duelling Snakes

Stunning Bob Banford (USA) weight depicting two well formed lampwork snakes on a sandy ground, with heads rearing against each other.  "B" cane. 1/!. Excellent…

NEW: Manson Glass – Starfish on Sea Bed

A new medium sized weight from William D Manson Jnr who is carrying on the Manson name with his own style. Depicted is a gold…

SOLD David Graeber – Stunning “Bees & Flowering Lilipads

SOLD. David Graeber is regarded as a Paperweight Genius and this Paperweight shows why. The painstaking detail and total realism of the three Bees and…

SOLD. Caithness (William Manson) – Black Salamander

Excellent lampwork Caithness Black Salamander (& ladybug), made by William Manson Snr. Only 100 made, this is no. 73. Made in 1984, 38 yrs ago,…