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Caithness – “Christmas Decoration” 2 candles!

Lovely Xmas centrepiece festive display of two candles, sprigs of holly & iridescent gold bell. Caithness/William Manson from 1987, no.39 of only 79 produced. 82cms…

Caithness – “Closing Ceremony”

Patriotic Union Jack paperweight from Caithness Glass. Large, conical, with angled front window. Rear and sides cut with shooting stars. The closing ceremony was that…

Caithness – Aries 1989

Caithness Paperweights - Aries.1989. Modern swirl design in green.Quality and in excellent condition 76mm or 3ins diam Ref: 03723  …

Caithness – Dahlia

Quality Caithness Glass weight from 1995. Elaborately faceted, highlighting the dark pink flower. Small edition of 50, selling at $850 in the US. Excellent condition.…

Caithness – Engraved Seal ’76

The "Seal", a weight from the early years of Caithness Glass, 1976, being clear swirly glass, with fleck of blue, and front window copperwheel engraved…

Caithness – Floral Fountain

Impressive looking early Caithness 1979 piece, depicting a tower of 4 layers of strong pink petals, stemming out of a green ground. CG cane in…

Caithness – Robin & Kettle

Lovely Caithness Xmas scene paperweight 1983. A Robin sits on an aventurine copper Kettle on a white snowy background. Faceted, excellent condition, no.437 of 1000,…

Caithness Glass – Christmas Candle. Early -1977. Double signed.

Rare early Caithness Xmas Candle,1977. Depicts a white candle in candleholder, & garland of canes on dark purple ground. Faceted. Scratch-signed by William Manson &…

Caithness Glass – Marguerite

An attractive William Manson designed 1983 weight from Caithness Glass. A white lampworked flower, sits on a translucent blue ground. Top window & facets. Excellent…

Caithness Glass – Mistletoe (style1) Early (1978) Rare as double-signed.

1978 Caithness Christmas Weight. Sprig of mistletoe, green leaves, white berries, above a white cane garland on a dark purple ground. Faceted. Rare, as its…

NEW Caithness Glass – “Precious Jewel: Rose”. Valentine Gift?

Unusually shaped & impressive large Caithness Glass "Precious Jewel: Rose", part of Floral Garden series, 2004, initially sold at $475. Red crimp rose, topped with…

SOLD Caithness (Whitefriars) – “Primula” ltd edn.

SOLD Lovely Caithness Glass weight made1990 "Primula". Excellent Condition. White primula flowers, bud, leaves & outer garland. Immensely heightened by a golden amber translucent ground,…

SOLD. Caithness (William Manson) – Black Salamander

Excellent lampwork Caithness Black Salamander (& ladybug), made by William Manson Snr. Only 100 made, this is no. 73. Made in 1984, 38 yrs ago,…