How To Sell

How To Sell

You may have built up a collection of paperweights, but now wish to downsize.
You may have acquired an odd paperweights as a gift or have inherited a number from a relative.
You may be wanting to trade up to more select weights
You may simply have changed your taste in collecting.

If so, I may be interested in purchasing your weight or collection of weights.

Preferably, your paperweight(s) should be good quality, attractive and in good condition.

In the first instance, please send photos. Group photos of half a dozen weights may be fine initially, provided they can be seen clearly. If they are labelled, signed or etched with name of weight or makers mark, that would also be valuable information. We can then advise you of your options for selling them.

Condition is important. Minor scuffs can be removed by an experienced polisher, at a cost, but more serious damage will have a major impact on value and saleability.

Quality is important. Weights from some modern makers, plus certain antique weights, are actively sought because of their quality. The same cannot be said of the glut of weights from China that dominate every charity/thrift shop and emporium cabinet.

So, what is your paperweight worth? We track the market closely but bear in mind that values will fluctuate, and there are many variables. In particular, more common weights purchased retail several years ago, are unlikely to have held their value.
But, please give Paperweight Row the option to provide you with some free and impartial advice if you are looking to sell.