About Us

About Us

I’m Steve Rowe and I own this business and curate this website - Steve Rowe, trading as Paperweight Row.

I offer a reliable, trustworthy service to all paperweight fans, from the complete novice to the experienced collector. Paperweight Row has a large stock of quality Glass Paperweights for all pockets - from antiques to contemporary designs, particular makers to commemoratives, or perhaps that gift for a special occasion. We even have paperweights for our younger collectors.

Its my aim to do all I can to foster and encourage interest in this wonderful field. In addition to offering pre-owned weights, I actively support the Artists and Makers in the UK, USA, France and elsewhere, buying new weights directly from them. Only by such support can they thrive and extend their artistry.

I am certainly a collector at heart, having been fascinated by glass paperweights since I first held one. I was intrigued. How was it made? Was it all just from glass? Was it blown – it felt so heavy? How did they get all those tiny flowers inside? I had been captured by the artistry, skill and beauty that the paperweight maker had placed in my hand. It’s my pleasure to share my love and knowledge of paperweights with you in these pages.

I have been a paperweight dealer for 12 years, based in Chester, England, (you can visit me by appointment) and can be easily contacted by email or phone. Or just shop online, with automatic checkout in the UK, and easy overseas shipping elsewhere.

I’m a member of the Paperweight Collectors Association in the US. Additionally, I’m active in the Northern Paperweight Society (NPS) and the Paperweight Collectors Circle (PCC), (both in the UK) and you are welcome to meet me at one of their regular events where I will have a table of selected paperweights. I can bring a few weights you are interested in if you give me a bit of notice.

I will do my best to provide advice and guidance if required – just ask. Please also contact me if you are seeking that elusive paperweight, or if you have a “wants list”, and I will try to help in tracking them down.

If you are looking at selling weights that you have but cannot keep, lets try to pass them on to another paperweight aficionado. See the “How to Sell” page for more details.

Please browse these pages. Hopefully there will be a piece that appeals, but remember that this is just part of my stock, and these pages will be updated regularly.